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The lighting you choose for your home can create a wonderful
atmosphere as well as enhance security and safety. On these pages we
will provide you with tips and ideas to help you make your lighting
decisions. Whether you are looking for information on a certain type of
lighting or how to design the lighting for a particular room, we want to help
There are 3 categories of lighting for your home
General Lighting - General or Ambient lighting as it is called,
provides for basic lighting needs. The best way to describe it is
a comfortable level of light. Not enough to do specific tasks
but enough to navigate through rooms,  hallways and
stairways safely. Incandescent for general lighting a basic rule
is 2-3 watts per square foot. With fluorescent light about 1.5  
watts per square foot is adequate. This is just a basic rule of
thumb. Many factors can alter the amount of light such as
paint color, furniture color and size, heights of ceilings etc.
General lighting can be achieved by means of different types
of light fixtures including but not limited to recessed cans,
ceiling mounted fixtures, wall sconces, table lamps etc. The
choices depend on the light output of a fixture and the style
one is trying to achieve.          
Task Lighting - There are many ways to provide good task
lighting. Some types of lighting fixtures typically used for task
lighting are recessed spot lights, track lights, low voltage linear
and fluorescent for under cabinet lights and more. With task
lighting as with all types of lighting, the theme or style of your
home can help you decide which fixture suits you best. The
most common room in which task lighting is needed is the
Accent Lighting - can be used to set a mood with lighting
controls or some cove lighting to bring out a beautiful crown
molding. Under cabinet lighting while considered task lighting
can also serve as accent lighting to highlight a nice tile
backslash or granite top. Another example of accent lighting is
light directed at an object such as a painting or another art
object. Some light fixtures used for accent lighting are track
lights, recessed cans, low voltage linear systems and mono
points. When it comes to lighting an object, low voltage
halogens make an excellent choice. They can be very precise
using a narrow beam bulb.